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164 Willowvale lane

Toronto, ON


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Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik

February 12 - March 04 2021


Egret Egress II

854 Dovercourt Road, Toronto

Wednesday-Sunday 17:00-22:00

Florida, 2021, HD Video, 6:21, Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik

Music: Ben Borden

Voice Modulation: KT Pipal

“You live near a swamp, in the everglades. In the middle of the night, a voice reaches your ears on the wind. It’s faint at first, what does it say? You fire up your airboat, and head into the dark.

You stay out all night. It begins to rain. The voice is growing louder, yet also faint. You wonder, maybe the voice is coming from me? But how could it, without my knowing? Underwater. There’s something there…

You dive down, and just swim and swim. Holding your breath is no issue, for some reason, you just don’t need to take another breath, this one’s lasting forever.”

Loeppky-Kolesnik’s work often explores speculative fiction, queer life, the body, ecological survival, and ritual, using storytelling and parable to discuss contemporary social and environmental dynamics with video, sculpture, and installation.

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